Respite Care and support

Welwyn Grange offers you the best of both worlds, Respite Care with Nursing in the peaceful Welwyn Garden City. Our friendly and experienced care teams are available 24/7, so you can count on them to keep you physically and mentally well, as well as prevent any unnecessary hospital visits.

Respite Care in Welwyn Garden City

Whether you are recovering from a recent injury or your primary carer is taking a well-deserved break, visiting us for just a couple of weeks or so, enables you to enjoy all the skills and benefits of Welwyn Grange for however long you may need us. Be it a safe discharge from the hospital into our care, a short convalescent break to aid your recovery or simply a way for you and your family to try Welwyn Grange, without the stress or fear of committing to a full-time move. No matter how long you decide to stay at our Welwyn Garden City care home, you will be provided with the utmost care and support from our friendly nurses, who are available anytime you need them. 

Why choose Welwyn Grange?

Nurses at Welwyn Grange are numerary to the residents, which makes it much easier for our respite care teams to provide tailored care solutions to suit your needs. Such an attentive and proactive approach to care allows us to provide the perfect amount of care required by each resident, whether they are rehabilitating after an operation, recovering from an injury or staying with us while their carer is taking a respite break. Our teams always strive to make a difference in one’s well-being.

Aside from our highly experienced nurses, Welwyn Grange offers a warm community and an exceptional lifestyle to all residents, making it easy for everyone to socialise and enjoy on their hobbies. Encouraging a high quality of life is at the heart of Welwyn Grange’s culture and ethos. Our Lifestyle Coordinators are dedicated to providing fun and engaging social calendars which will challenge your perceptions of life in a care setting. However, if you prefer to relax and do very little that is fine too. In addition, Welwyn Grange offers you the space to match your mood or interests; from keeping up your watercolour skills painting in the garden, to the best seat in the house in our Cinema Room, watching a favourite film or live sport.

The Benefits of Respite Care in Welwyn Garden City

  • Residents get to enjoy all of the amenities found at Welwyn Grange.
  • While your primary caretaker gets to take a well-deserved break, you are provided with all of the care and support you may need during your stay. 
  • At Welwyn Grange we offer an enhanced GP service, paid for by Welwyn Grange, to ensure quick and easy access to GP consultations, when needed.
  • A social and inclusive dining experience, which can be tailored to your dietary requirements.
  • Our warm and welcoming community will make you feel right at home during your time at Welwyn Grange.

Cost of Respite Care at Welwyn Grange

Some care providers like to hide their costs, which can create a feeling of mistrust and a fear of hidden extras. We prefer a transparent approach so that you continue to have full control of your finances (if you are funding your own care). However, because we are all unique, it’s important that we assess you before you come to stay at Welwyn Grange, so we can be confident we can fully support your convalescent care needs and give you complete clarity of your fees.

This weekly figure will be dependent on which room or apartment you chose and encompasses all your care needs plus anything that may be described as ‘hotel costs’, such as all your meals, snacks and drinks, as well as your laundry (personal clothing and bed linen). After an assessment of your needs there may be an enhanced care supplement which you will be made aware of before agreeing to come and stay with us. This is only applied in exceptional circumstances.

“Once assessed, the only things you will need to budget for are down to your personal choice, things like hairdressing or chiropody appointments or your own daily paper, or personal interest magazine”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is respite care?

Respite care offers a short-term break for a resident’s primary caregivers, who get the chance to take a break from their responsibilities and spend time doing things they otherwise wouldn’t have time to do. Respite care could also be beneficial for residents who temporarily need assistance from healthcare professionals due to a recent surgery or injury.

What is the difference between respite care and convalescent care?

Respite care aims to provide a break for full-time carers while supporting the resident and their immediate needs. Meanwhile, convalescent care offers complete support to a resident recovering from a recent surgery, illness or injury. Almost like short-term rehabilitation.

Does Welwyn Grange offer other types of care?

Including respite care, we also offer residents other types of care such as residential care, dementia care, palliative care and nursing care