Bespoke Care Home

“It feels like home from home, because you live in a small household with peers of similar interests and care needs.”

Welwyn Grange is an amazing, life affirming place to live.

As a family owned care home we like to think that Welwyn Grange challenges most people’s expectations of what a Residential Home offers. Welwyn Grange is a beautiful new build care home in Welwyn Garden City near Hatfield, designed to be both ‘fit for purpose’ but with a twist of style. It is made up of individual households of no more than 16 ensuite bedrooms, each having their own air-conditioned lounge and dining areas, as well as access to things like our hair salon, private dining room and cinema room.

As beautiful as Welwyn Grange is, it’s the care team which brings our home to life. Our nursing team work very differently to most care homes, as they are additional to the care team numbers. This enables us to have a proactive approach to nursing care, maintaining each person’s physical and mental health, while avoiding all possible hospital admissions.

Welwyn Grange Care Home enables you to have choice.

Welwyn Grange is made up of distinct households, each having its own home from home feel. This makes moving in to your own home feel less daunting, as you can choose to live with a peer group with similar interests and care needs. This domestic scale enables you to get to know your home easier, whilst creating the opportunity to make new friends and try new activities. It also means when enjoying social time in the lounge or dining area, you are never too far away to pop back to your private bedroom.

Bedrooms; Premier, Deluxe or Apartment?

Everyone’s bedroom should be their sanctuary; the place where you always feel comfortable to be yourself. Welwyn Grange Care Home benefits from a range of rooms including premier, deluxe and apartments, enabling space for couples or companions.

Whichever you choose, yours will be beautifully decorated, with custom designed fixtures and furniture from UK manufacturers. These large ensuite bedrooms benefit from modern technology, including a large Wi-Fi enabled Freeview TV, with the technology to keep you in touch with friends and family, as well as current affairs or your favourite soap.

Importantly your bedroom will also be fit for purpose, featuring a large ensuite wetroom and a Staff Call System, which enables you to call for assistance at a click of a button. Our electrically powered beds and range of mattress options guarantees the best chance of a good night’s sleep.

Every room or apartment has its own character, with no two quite the same, but they are also a blank canvas for you to truly make your own. Pictures you love or photos which bring you happy memories will truly make your room, yours.